High cellular monocyte activation in people living with human immunodeficiency virus on combination antiretroviral therapy and lifestyle-matched controls is associated with greater inflammation in cerebrospinal fluid


Booiman T, Wit FW, Maurer I, De Francesco D, Sabin CA, Harskamp AM, Prins M, Garagnani P, Pirazzini C, Franceschi C, Fuchs D, Gisslen M, Winston A, Reiss P, Kootstra NA

Lay summary

There are concerns that even among people who are on effective ART, there may be some signs that the immune system remains activated, and this may lead to an increased risk of some age-related co-morbidities.  To investigate this, we took several measurements of the immune system in people with HIV in the COBRA study, and compared these to the measurements seen in people without HIV as well as to those seen in a group of blood donors from the Netherlands.  We found that whilst many of the measurements were similar in the three groups, the two groups in the COBRA study had some monocyte meas

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