People living with or without HIV with similar lifestyles both show greater age advancement compared to blood donors


De Francesco D, Wit FW, Bürkle A, Oehlke S, Kootstra NA, Winston A, Franceschi C, Garagnani P, Pirazzini C, Libert C, Grune T, Weber D, Jansen EHJM, Sabin CA, Reiss P.

Lay summary

It has been shown that it is possible to get an idea of how well a person is ageing by measuring a set of markers in the blood and by using these markers to calculate an aging ‘score’ for that person.  By comparing this score to the person’s actual age, we can see whether they appear to be ageing more quickly or more slowly than a typical person of that age.  We calculated these scores in people in the COBRA study as well as in a comparison group of blood donors from the Netherlands.  People with HIV in COBRA tended to be biologically ‘older’ than their true age – however, this was also the

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