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The POPPY Study team welcomes enquries from people who wish to collaborate with us.  We endeavour to make the data used in our analyses publicly available, within the limits of the ethical governance under which the data were collected. To this end, we will share data directly with interested parties for two purposes:

  1. verification and replication of published analysis derived from the POPPY study, and
  2. novel scientific research projects using POPPY data.

To facilitate this, requests for data sharing can be made on a case-by-case basis following submission of a concept sheet. Once submitted the proposed research/analysis will undergo review by the POPPY Study Management Committee for evaluation of the scientific value, relevance to the study, design and feasibility, statistical power and overlap with existing projects. If the proposed analysis is for verification/replication, data will then be made available. If the proposed research is for novel science, upon completion of the review, feedback will be provided to the proposer(s). In some circumstances, a revision of the concept may be requested. If the concept is approved for implementation, a writing group will be established consisting of the proposers (up to 3 persons that were centrally involved in the development of the concept) and members of the POPPY group (or other appointed co-investigators). All persons involved in the process of reviewing these research concepts are bound by confidentiality.

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